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Toya International Transport is an European provider of integrated transport and logistics services, having its headquarters in Oradea, Romania. The company activates in  the transport domain since 2015 and manages to reach a significant development, year by year, due to its strategies that are based on professionalism.


24/7 assistance throughout the year

multilingual staff

transportation progress report via e-mail /phone /Skype

flexibility, punctuality and professionalism

We provide our clients 100% transparency of our collaboration.

In need of having an overview of all the relevant information of the transport operations, we developed a soft called Sparkle that supervises 24h/24 the whole activity and assures a good communication between the transportation coordinators, the drivers and the clients. Transport Management System offers regular updates regarding the situation of the motor vehicles.

Toya International Transport has a fleet of over 45 Mercedes-Benz and Ford vans with a capacity of 3.5, 7.5 or 24 tonnes that are equipped according to the safety standards

Toya International Transport owns an industrial complex, a very good location logistically speaking. Situated at a distance of 5 km from the center of the city and at only 600 meters distance from the beltway, it covers a total area of 32.000 square foot. We can offer an area of 11.000 square foot, supervised and guarded 24h/24, for both long-term and short-term storage, we can provide cargo loading/unloading operations and if requested, we can assure a full inventory process.

We believe in achieving goals through professionalism and integrity,  focusing on results and how they are achieved.



3.5 tons (8 euro pallets)



3.5 tons (5 euro pallets)



3.5 tons (7 euro pallets)



7.49 tons (16 euro paletts)


Toya Transport emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment by renewing the car park every time it is required. Quality is, no doubt, a fundamental element in the light of globalization and international competition.


I.S.O 9001standard specifies the general tasks for developing, implementing and meliorating the quality management systems with a view to satisfying the needs of the client.

Achieving the certification of I.S.O 27001, the company demonstrates that is following information security best practice and provides an independent verification of the fact that the information security is managed in line with international best practice and business objectives. 

As a team we are proud of each of us and we want to grow and to develop our potential together. Our main goal is to bring an added value to each service that we offer.


  • Transportation Departament: 55 drivers, 5 dispatchers, 3 coordinators, 1 transportation manager
  • Accounting Departament: 1 economic director, 3 economists, 1 secretary
  • IT Departament: 1 hardware-software maintenance, 2 programmers
  • Management Departament:  1 car park manager, 1 office manager
  • The Board: 1 general manager , 1 assistant manager


We are developing day by day in order to offer the highest standards of transportation services at the most reasonable prices.


We want to become the company for which people look for when searching for career and development opportunities.

We will answer back in a blink of an eye!

Ask for an offer.

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